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There are many types of toilet paper packs on the shelves, why invent a new one? Was it really needed? In short, we are talking about something you use to clean yourself after having fulfilled your bodily needs and let’s face it, although “necessary” they are not exactly such a “clean” topic … Yet there are at least 3 IMPORTANT REASONS that led us to the choice to innovate this item let it become a DAILY HYGIENE DEVICE.

Here because:

1) The pH of our skin is slightly acidic (between 4.2 and 5.6) and represents a natural defense of our organism against the proliferation of pathogenic microbes, so it is important to preserve and respect it. Aggressive or non-decontaminating elements can be irritating to the epidermis. That’s why intimate cleaners have a different pH than regular soaps.

Defendo® is sanitized: it represents a decontaminated and clean surface thanks to the Eco Silver Paper treatment.

2) The bathroom: not even the one at home it is a totally hygienic environment. Temperature and humidity promote microbial proliferation. Studies show that colonies of bacterias are frequently created, for example  of staphylococci and coliforms (fecal contamination), also on containers and sink. This is because many times the toilet seat is not lowered with the result that some splashes contaminate the area near the toilet including toilet paper.

Defendo® reduces germs and bacteria: the action of silver intervenes on pathogenic microbes that can come into contact with paper.


3) Toilet papers treated with additives, perfumes or emollients may cause discomfort and swelling. A paper too soft can release cellulose particles,

too hard can cause microlacerations.

Defendo® respects the skin as it is dermatologically tested. The careful and responsible choice of raw materials and laboratory controls protect the person and the environment.