The Idea

Discover the Eco Silver Paper Project


A worldwide innovation

Eco Silver Paper was born from the idea of Luca Bastianetto, an Italian sales manager with decades of experience in the cleaning field.

Starting from the requests received from Italian and foreign customers to have “guarantees” on the quality and degree of “cleaning” of tissue cellulose products such as rolls and towels, Luca started in 2011 with a collaboration with important Italian universities to develop a new Active that could be compatible with the tissue and could give some important results.

The team began to analyze the presence of bacteria on the paper, verifying that not only the traditional articles in cellulose, as a natural element, were not free of bacteria, but above all that, under “normal” storage conditions, these bacteria tended to proliferate.

The importance of being able to give to the customer a guarantee of the degree of cleaning of the paper cleaning, becomes necessary!

Cleaning a surface and / or washing your hands with antibacterial products is not completely effective if you do not close the circle by drying it with a total hygienic product.
And so ECO SILVER PAPER born as the first range of tissue products containing a high-tech active with silver ion stabilized content.

The ESP formula is unique in the world and allows us to propose to the market a range of products that are finally safe and guaranteed to have the highest cleaness degree. Every batch of production is tested and certified therefore we do not only guarantee the process but also the result … and the difference is important!