The “Biofilm” a horror that is not broadcast on television….

2020-10-22 Eco Silver PaperIgiene

Ever heard of biofilm? Yet it could be on the surfaces of your home and would not be award-winning… let’s understand why.

Microbes have the ability to adhere to surfaces, whether they are made of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, glass, Formica, plastic, etc., they multiply rapidly thanks to the deposition of organic material and produce a sticky matrix that serves them as protection. In a short time they manage to form a BIOFILM, that is a protective “film” in which bacteria can protect themselves from external threats (such as our cleaning) and to profile undisturbed forming real “communities”.

The most insidious and dangerous colonies are formed by germs such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Micrococcus spp, Bacillus cereus, Streptococcus faecium and pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolytica, Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli O157, which can create considerable problems for our organism.

BIOFILM quick evolution.

If visually the surface of our kitchen top can be “clean”, it could instead present a residue of organic or inorganic matter (for example, food remains) that constitute the ideal environment to start the formation of a biofilm. Obviously a biofilm that is allowed to settle in a surface will be tied in a short time in an almost indissoluble way, at this point the ordinary cleaning will not be enough.


It is not easy to notice if a biofilm was formed on the surface especially in the initial phase, however there are some ways that can help us:

  1. VIEW: if you notice rainbow reflections on a steel surface and permanence of grease and humidity.
  2. TOUCH: the surface gives a slimy feel to the touch even if it looks clean.
  3. SMELL: an unpleasant smell smelling the surfaces can be an alarm bell.


First, do not support food and/or tools used for food preparation if you notice or have the doubt that a biofilm has been formed on the surface.

If the biofilm has been formed recently it will be not very adherent to the surface and therefore easily removable, in any case it can be intervened with a proper sanitization as suggested below:

  • dry cleaning: remove more voluminous residual food material or particles with a tear of sanitized paper, the DEFENDO® roll is the ideal product for this operation because treated with antibacterial and therefore 100% guaranteed for hygiene and protection;
  • rinsing with hot water that serves to soften the dirt, the temperature should be around 50 º C that is to allow the attack of the particles of fat but at the same time less than 60 º C because it could determine the “cooking” organic residues and the consolidation of mineral residues causing greater adhesion to the surface;
  • cleansing, to be carried out with the appropriate detergents in relation to the surface to be cleaned assisted by a sponge that can help us in the mechanical action of removal of the biofilm;
  • Wet the bristles, then liberally apply a water-based cleanser to the brush (meglio specificare, sennò in inglese non si capisce) so as to remove residues of chemical substance which may interfere with the next step.
  • disinfection, the disinfectant must always be used on surfaces already cleaned, for the minimum times and at the concentrations indicated by the producer. The disinfection and sanitization operation must be supported by a totally primary support of contamination, the risk otherwise is to frustrate the effort. For these operations a tear of sanitized paper Defendo® is a guarantee of hygiene and protection.

Let’s just let the films be the ones we can watch on TV or at the theatre (cinema)! (viene male in inglese poiché sarebbe più corretto chiamarli “movies”)



Keep surfaces clean, especially those that come into contact with food. Clean immediately after you have processed the food with a detergent,

possibly hot water and dry with a clean paper (Defendo® is your solution). Avoid using dishcloths hanging from the kitchen for days…

For safety, always place food on a sanitized surface free of contamination. In this our Defendo® comes to your aid as it constitutes a protected

barrier for your food.

Hygiene is the basis of our health.